"It shouldn't be that hard to store data"
This project was born out of one idea: it shouldn't be that hard to store and manipulate hierarchical data in LabVIEW. A language marketed at scientists and engineers should be capable of storing complex data and sharing that with other languages. We use LabVIEW to interface with a wide variety of equipment and store vast quantities of heterogeneous data for further computation.

While we initially saught to extend the existing LVHDF5 to speed up execution using some direct library calls, the backwards-compatibility break of HDF v1.8.9 and bit-rot of the LVHDF5 code led to replacing more and more of its functionality. A desire to become fast, flexible and intuitive eventually that became the library you see today. This library has been a test-bed for some advanced LabVIEW techniques such as the more arcane arts of XNodes and LabVIEW memory internals.

In the end, we hope we have produced a library that scientists around the world can rely on for their data storage needs, so LabVIEW users too can harness the extensive cross-platform power of HDF.

-- Martijn Jasperse, October 2012